My Mayflower

Mayflower 400 UK has been presenting a series of digital programmes in the build-up to the 400-year anniversary of the ship's historic voyage.

My Mayflower tells stories of those forever linked to the ship's legacy and impassioned by the anniversary of its pioneering sailing to America in 1620.

Watch our episodes below to discover hidden secrets and fascinating insights, told by the people who live and breath the stories of the Mayflower.

Meanwhile, our Re-Informed series allows artists and producers to give an insight to their work and how it explores the Mayflower story - without shying away from its challenging history.

Latest episode: Re-informed: The Day of Mourning 2020

The National Day of Mourning marks 50 years since the people of the Wampanoag refused to accept the one-dimensional telling of the Thanksgiving story and were no longer willing to be silenced.

This Saturday, Mayflower 400 UK joins with our partners Plymouth 400 to explore the story of the National Day of Mourning as part of our Re-informed series.

In 1970 when Frank James, then leader of the Wampanoag, would no longer be condemned to silence about the treatment of his people since the landing of the Mayflower, he was asked to give a speech to mark the 350th anniversary of the sailing.

When he refused to read the organisers' revised text of his own words, he was 'uninvited' from the programme. Instead, James marched to Cole's Hill, where supporters heard him give his original speech next to the statue of former Wampanoag leader Ousamequin.

Half a century on, Native Americans still gather on Cole’s Hill on Thanksgiving Day - not to mark the Mayflower’s arrival but to commemorate a National Day of Mourning.

This video seeks to tell that story in partnership with Plymouth 400 and Native American marketing agency SmokeSygnals Marketing and Communications. It will also look at extracts from Our Story: 400 Years of Wampanoag History - conceptualised, researched, and produced by SmokeSygnals and The Indian Spiritual and Cultural Training Council Inc.

The exhibit is part of Plymouth 400, Inc.'s Signature Programs and Events and, until the pandemic, had been traveling throughout New England to various museums, schools, community centres, festivals and even the Massachusetts State House. Exhibit creators and Plymouth 400 staff will be on-hand during the Facebook live stream of the video which will also include a Q&A.

Watch the short film by clicking here

View videos from our Re-informed, Virtual Voyages and My Mayflower series below.

  • My Mayflower: Mayflower Reflections

    This short film in our My Mayflower digital series explores the story of Mayflower Reflections, a virtual reality experience that immerses audiences in the story of the momentous journey and explores the contemporary parallels with the early voyagers.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Mayflower II

    The first in the My Mayflower series brings to life the people connected to the remarkable story of Mayflower II.

    The Mayflower II is a ship that represents far more than an extraordinary crossing of the Atlantic. It symbolises the special relationship between the UK and the United States.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Man Who Built The Mayflower II

    The latest film in our My Mayflower series tells the story of Warwick Charlton, the man behind the remarkable Mayflower II project in 1957 - a monumentous feat of construction, planning and engineering.

    My Mayflower: The Man Who Built The Mayflower II tells the real story behind the ship's sailing with fascinating archive footage and an in-depth interview with Warwick's son, Randal - author of The Wicked Pilgrim, a new book that chronicles Warwick's endeavours.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Making of the Pilgrim Woman

    The second in the My Mayflower series follows the story of Rachel Carter and the creation of the Pilgrim Woman.

    Rachel's story brings together different cultures on both sides of the Atlantic in a true commemoration of their shared history, while shining a light on the often untold role of women in the Mayflower story through the making of her Pilgrim Woman sculpture.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Pilgrim Woman, Part 2

    A talented textile artist from the Pilgrim Roots region, Rachel Carter can trace her ancestors back to the very places in England from where many of the Pilgrims came before they planned their voyage on the Mayflower some four centuries ago.

    She ‘recreated’ that very journey aboard a modern cargo vessel to work with local people in Provincetown, meeting a member of the Wampanoag tribe as she learned of their ancient weaving techniques, finding vital inspiration to create - and eventually become - the ’Pilgrim Woman’.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: Turnchapel Through the Ages

    A fascinating new film has been revealed to celebrate 400 years of history in one of Devon most picturesque locations.

    ‘Turnchapel Through the Ages’ has been funded by the Mayflower 400 Community Sparks Fund and focuses on this wonderful waterside village in Plymouth.

    More info
  • The Mayflower: 400th Anniversary Special (History Hit Live)

    Well-known TV historian Dan Snow presented an online documentary on 16 September, marking exactly 400 years to the day since the Mayflower set sail.

    'The Mayflower: 400th Anniversary Special' History Hit Live digital programme reflected the story of the colonists, the impact their arrival had on the Native American people who helped them, and the wider colonial context of this journey.

    More info
  • Live Q&A: Jo Loosemore and Dr Kathryn Gray

    Dr Kathryn Gray, Associate Professor (Reader) in Early American Literature at the University of Plymouth, and Jo Loosemoore, curator of Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy for The Box Plymouth, take part in a special Mayflower 400 Q&A

    We will delve into many different aspects of the Mayflower story - examining objects and images, maps and books, and ideas and dangers.

    More info
  • The Birth of Two Nations

    The Birth of Two Nations explores the historical backstory of the Mayflower and Speedwell sailing in 1620, and the reasons for the ‘Great Migration’ to America.

    These two episodes are an exclusive taster of the Mayflower 400 DVD produced by Focus - a triple DVD with hours of footage exploring the roots of the Mayflower story in England.

    More info
  • Virtual Voyages

    Virtual Voyages showcases the places woven into the Mayflower story.

    Watch our episodes to discover hidden secrets and fascinating insights, told through the eyes of the people who live and breath the stories of the colonists.

    More info
  • Re-Informed

    Re-informed allows artists and producers to give an insight to their work.

    Watch our episodes to explore the Mayflower story - without shying away from its challenging history.

    More info

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