Virtual Voyages and My Mayflower

Mayflower 400 UK is presenting two new series of digital programmes in the build-up to the 400-year anniversary of ship's historic voyage on 16 September 2020.

Called My Mayflower and Virtual Voyages the two series will explore the people and places connected to Mayflower story

The My Mayflower series will tell stories through the eyes of those forever linked to the ship's legacy and impassioned by the anniversary of its pioneering sailing to America in 1620.

Virtual Voyages will showcase the places woven into the Mayflower story including their hidden secrets and fascinating back stories that make up the richness of the Mayflower story. 

Next episode: Virtual Voyages - Plymouth

This Saturday, 11 July, we’ll be releasing the next film in our Virtual Voyages digital series, which explores the locations involved in the story of the Mayflower’s voyage.

Discover a Virtual Voyage of Plymouth with a tour of this famous seafaring city, the Mayflower’s final stop before it crossed the Atlantic in 1620.

The film will explore some of the places in Plymouth connected to the Mayflower story and the 17th century waterfront.

It will also showcase a mixture of the diverse cultural activity taking place in the city when the new Mayflower 400 programme re-starts from the anniversary date of 16 September, running into 2021.

This week’s Virtual Voyage will feature interviews with artists, producers, community volunteers and performers about their involvement and how they are telling different aspects of the journey and its impacts within the commemoration.

There will also be an exclusive sneak peek inside The Box Plymouth, the city's ambitious new heritage attraction, and an insight into how the team there have been working closely with Wampanoag colleagues to deliver two key exhibitions within the commemoration.

You can watch the short film here on our website and on our Facebook page here at 5pm UK time and midday EST this Saturday.

Previous episodes of our My Mayflower and Virtual Voyages series are listed below.

  • Virtual Voyages: The Homes of Brewster and Bradford

    Discover the homes, places and roots of two of the leading figures in the Mayflower story, William Brewster and William Bradford, as we explore the historic villages clustered together in north Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

    More info
  • Virtual Voyages: Boston

    Discover how the Mayflower Pilgrims made a daring escape despite being betrayed, locked up and hauled before the courts in our Virtual Voyage of Boston, UK.

    More info
  • Virtual Voyages: Leiden

    A city walk through the historic city centre of Leiden with our friends at Mayflower 400 NL, while explaining the fascinating story of Leiden in the Golden Age and the role of the Pilgrims during this period.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Mayflower II

    The first in the My Mayflower series brings to life the people connected to the remarkable story of Mayflower II.

    The Mayflower II is a ship that represents far more than an extraordinary crossing of the Atlantic. It symbolises the special relationship between the UK and the United States.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Making of the Pilgrim Woman

    The second in the My Mayflower series follows the story of Rachel Carter and the creation of the Pilgrim Woman.

    Rachel's story brings together different cultures on both sides of the Atlantic in a true commemoration of their shared history, while shining a light on the often untold role of women in the Mayflower story through the making of her Pilgrim Woman sculpture.

    More info
  • My Mayflower: The Man Who Built The Mayflower II

    The latest film in our My Mayflower series tells the story of Warwick Charlton, the man behind the remarkable Mayflower II project in 1957 - a monumentous feat of construction, planning and engineering.

    My Mayflower: The Man Who Built The Mayflower II tells the real story behind the ship's sailing with fascinating archive footage and an in-depth interview with Warwick's son, Randal - author of The Wicked Pilgrim, a new book that chronicles Warwick's endeavours.

    More info
  • The Making of the Wampum Belt

    The creation of a new Wampum Belt by the Native American Wampanoag Nation is one of the cornerstones of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's sailing, and it is told in a powerful new short film.

    More info
  • We Are Still Here

    We Are Still Here explores 400 years of Wampanoag history and how the arrival of European colonists would forever change their way of life - which stretches back 12,000 years.

    This video explores the Wampanoag story and how in 2020, the Nation’s people are very much still here as an integral part of the 400th anniversary commemorations of the Mayflower’s sailing on both sides of the Atlantic.

    More info
  • Live Q&A: Jo Loosemore and Dr Kathryn Gray

    Dr Kathryn Gray, Associate Professor (Reader) in Early American Literature at the University of Plymouth, and Jo Loosemoore, curator of Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy for The Box Plymouth, take part in a special Mayflower 400 Q&A

    We will delve into many different aspects of the Mayflower story - examining objects and images, maps and books, and ideas and dangers.

    More info

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