Explore the Mayflower Trail with our self-guided tours app

Mayflower Self-Guided Tours is an innovative and highly detailed app that turns your mobile device into a personal GPS tour guide of the UK towns, cities and villages connected to the Mayflower.

We've launched the app in the build-up to the Mayflower 400 anniversary year to help visitors get the best possible experience from visiting the sites that tell the stories of the Pilgrims' origins. Enjoy free guided walking and driving tours of places including Plymouth, from where the Pilgrims set sail for America on the Mayflower.

You can download the app by selecting one of the links below on your mobile device or search for 'Mayflower 400' in the App and Play stores.

If you are an Apple user, download the app to your phone via this link

If you are an Android user, download the app to your phone via this link

Mayflower trails app

 App Highlights:

  • Learn the stories behind the places the Pilgrims were from and where and why they travelled
  • Discover iconic places on the Mayflower trail - including the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth and the famous Mayflower Pub on the cobbled streets of London
  • Find out about the Mayflower’s history as you explore the journey of the ship and her passengers
  • Follow the early story of the Separatists including Brewster, Bradford and Clifton in their home towns and villages
  • Detailed maps of the walking tours and driving routes through the Mayflower destinations
  • Alerts when you approach historical point of interests, landmarks, museums, and attractions using built-in GPS
  • Pictures of landmarks and attractions on the walking routes
  • Offline guides to all the Mayflower walking tours
  • No need to follow a schedule

Mayflower Trails App

Above and below: The MayflowerTrail destinations are show on an interactive map, tap your desired destination to see the trails available for that area. The app uses your live location to guide along the trail, with detailed information about the stops along the way and how they connect to the Mayflower story. Many of the trail stops are connected to the lives of the Pilgrims who were born and bred on the Mayflower Trail.


Mayflower Trails App

The app also includes a walking tour of Leiden in Holland, where the Pilgrims lived for over a decade before their journey to America.

Mayflower Walking Tours has been released to help mark the Mayflower 400 anniversary year and is a must-have for anyone visiting a Mayflower location in the UK or Holland in 2020.

Follow in the footsteps of the Pilgrims and explore all the stops on the Mayflower trail at your own pace, learning about the history of the Mayflower and their journey through England and Holland.

The walking tour guide app contains a trail for each of the towns and cities connected to the Mayflower. They include:

  • Plymouth
  • Southampton
  • Rotherhithe
  • Dartmouth, Devon
  • Harwich, Essex
  • Boston, Lincolnshire
  • Scrooby & Babworth, Nottinghamshire
  • Austerfield, Doncaster
  • Immingham
  • Gainsborough
  • Worcestershire
  • Leiden, Holland
  • Cambridge
  • Dorking

To start a trail simply start walking the route and the app will alert you when you approach a point of interest.

To download the app

Download the app for Apple devices

Download the app for Android devices

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