Mayflower 400 Guided Tours

Travel the Mayflower Trail and see it through the eyes of Pilgrims, treading in the very footsteps they would have taken 400 years ago with our exclusive Guided Tours.

Walk the historic streets that tell the Mayflower story, admire the centuries-old churches where they would have worshipped, explore the English villages where they live, the maritime cities and ports they travelled through and the towns they traded in.

Our Guided Tours take you to the very heart of England on land and water, giving you a unique opportunity to experience the very best of the country  - it's culture, history, scenery and architecture - in the hands of the people who know it best.

Our official Guided Tour partners will give you an insight into 1620 England, telling local stories and guiding you to fascinating hidden corners - while helping you choose the best places to eat, drink and shop.


You can browse the different Guided Tours we have to offer below.

  • Dartmouth Mayflower Pilgrims' Haven

    A full-day tour with a cruise excursion, led by your very own local Blue Badge Guide with private transport around the historic town of Dartmouth

    Spend the day exploring one of Devon’s most historic and scenic harbour towns and the stunning estuary of the River Dart set deep in the Devon landscape. 

    Your qualified Blue Badge Guide will bring alive the local stories of the Mayflower Pilgrims as they share with you the history of the people and the locations that are key to the start of their journey to America.

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  • Founding Connections: Windsor, Salisbury & Southampton

    Trace the story of the key royal, constitutional and founding links between the United States and United Kingdom visiting some of the most iconic sites in southern England with Blue Badge Tours

    Your qualified Blue Badge Guide will reveal, at each location you visit, fascinating details of how the foundations of the special relationship between the rulers and the people of both nations were forged.

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  • The Mayflower City

    Plymouth in the county of Devon is inextricably linked with the story of the Pilgrims. It is from the safety of this superb harbour that the Mayflower finally left England, in September 1620, on her perilous voyage to the New World

    The addition of a guided trip to Buckland Abbey, the Drake family home, makes this a full day’s tour, enabling us to explore the great changes that took place in Tudor England and ultimately gave rise to the great migration westward, across the Atlantic.

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  • In The Footsteps of The Mayflower

    Spend a day in Southampton - on land and sea - exploring the maritime city's connections with The Mayflower.

    2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower and her sister ship the Speedwell departing Southampton on a voyage to the New World.

    Visit SeaCity Museum and its permanent 'Gateway to the World' gallery and see how Southampton has developed as a port since Roman times. Learn about the famous ships that have sailed out of Southampton, including the Mayflower, Titanic and Queen Mary.

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  • Mayflower Discovery: 5-day guided tour

    An unforgettable private 5-day adventure across the UK tracing the journey of the Pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower in 1620

    Discover the villages where the leaders lived, and where the Separatist movement was born, the churches where they worshipped, the cells where they were held and the very places where they stayed, ate and set sail

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  • Mayflower Pilgrims Devon Discovery Tour

    Follow in the footsteps of the intrepid Mayflower Pilgrims, and their final weeks in England

    • The beautiful river port of Dartmouth where the Mayflower laid at anchor
    • A tour of the town of Dartmouth with the Town Crier, in full regalia! (subject to availability)
    • The historic port of Plymouth was once the maritime capital of the world! 
    • The historic Barbican area, the Mayflower steps and Island House where many of the Pilgrims lodged while in the town
    • Plymouth Gin Distillery and historic Plymouth Hoe
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  • Pilgrim Fathers Mayflower Tour

    See where the Pilgrim Fathers stayed while waiting to board the Mayflower ship for their epic journey to the New World

    Stand on the steps which would have been their last step on English land before arrival at the New World. Photo opportunity at the Mayflower Steps, which is approaching its 400th year anniversary in 2020.

    Visit the Mayflower museum where you will see and hear the story of the persecuted separatists who fled England to Holland before their epic journey to the New World via Plymouth in 1620. We then visit the Barbican, with its Elizabethan cobbled streets and buildings.

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  • Mayflower Tour of Devon

    Devon, the final departure point for those courageous Pilgrims nearly 400 years ago! On this tour we will follow the path of the Pilgrims as they prepared to set sail on their historic voyage to America in 1620

    • Visit the famous Mayflower Steps and the historic Barbican in Plymouth
    • Lunch in a traditional, historic pub
    • Visit Bayards Cove where Speedwell sought repairs
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