In The Footsteps of The Mayflower

Spend the day exploring one of Devon’s most historic and scenic harbour towns and the stunning estuary of the River Dart set deep in the Devon landscape.

Where? Southampton

Tour provider SS Shieldhall


  • Ticket Manager, SS Shieldhall, 0844 357 2329; email
  • The Shieldhall Ticket Manager will work with you to maximise your day in Southampton and help coordinate your booking with other partners

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Tour Highlights

  • Find out more about the world-famous ships that have sailed out of Southampton, including the Mayflower, Titanic and Queen Mary
  • Guided walk through Southampton’s Old Town, learning more about the city’s links to the Mayflower Pilgrims
  • Retrace the Mayflower’s route down Southampton Water as you cruise on the SS Shieldhall, the country's oldest passenger-cargo steamship
  • Spend a day in Southampton - on land and sea - exploring the maritime city's connections with The Mayflower
Bargate Southampton

The Bargate in Southampton's Old Town

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower and her sister ship the Speedwell departing Southampton on a voyage to the New World.

Visit SeaCity Museum and its permanent 'Gateway to the World' gallery and see how Southampton has developed as a port since Roman times. Learn about the famous ships that have sailed out of Southampton, including the Mayflower, Titanic and Queen Mary.

Take a guided walk with a Southampton Guide through the city's Old Town, visiting Vaults and Towers and hearing about the city's connections with the Pilgrims, before boarding the SS Shieldhall for a cruise along Southampton Water.

The Shieldhall is the country's oldest passenger-cargo steamship. Your cruise will pass down Southampton Water towards Calshot and the Isle of Wight, retracing the initial route of the Mayflower and the Speedwell some 400 years ago.

You are welcome to visit the Engine Room and Boiler Room on Shieldhall and also meet the Captain on the Bridge!

SS Shieldhall

The SS Shieldhall

Customisable Options: 

Groups can book a Tour Manager to accompany them throughout the day
We would recommend the day commencing with a visit to SeaCity Museum, followed by the guided tour of the Old Town though these can be followed in any order. The day would finish with the SS Shieldhall cruise


2 hour cruises: £33; 3 hour cruises: £41; Tour Manager to accompany group throughout the day: £165


SeaCity Museum is open from 10am daily; cruises last 2 or 3 hours 


Refreshments available at extra cost at SeaCity Museum or on SS Shieldhall


2020 Dates, 2 hour cruises: Sunday 31 May (morning sailing), Saturday 15 August, Sunday 16 August, Saturday 12 September; 3 hour cruises: Saturday 16 May, Sunday 31 May (afternoon sailing), Saturday 20 June, Sunday 19 July, Saturday 8 August, Saturday 5 September, Sunday 6 September, Sunday 13 September

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