Mayflower Passengers List - an interactive guide

The list of Mayflower passengers who voyaged from Britain to America in 1620 includes the Pilgrim separatists, non-separatists, servants, and crew.

The Mayflower passengers are listed after the below interactive map which shows where each of the Pilgrims originally came from and where they lived.

Click on the map’s pins to see information about each of the Mayflower passengers and crew. Click anywhere on the map to activate it and then zoom in to see the individual village and sometimes street level where people were born.

The blue points are Pilgrims and their servants, the green represents the paying passengers and their servants and the red is the crew. 

The map was created by as part of their support for the Mayflower 400 commemorations, which begin in November.

Full visitor guides to the places connected to the Mayflower Story can be found in the Visit section of this website - including Plymouth, the last stop before the voyage to America and home to the iconic Mayflower Steps.

There were 102 passengers on the Mayflower including 37 members of the separatist Leiden congregation who would go on to be known as the Pilgrims, together with the non-separatist passengers.

There were 74 men and 28 women - 18 were listed as servants, 13 of which were attached to separatist families. There are thought to have been 31 children on the Mayflower, with one child being born during the voyage (aptly named Oceanus). The crew were led by Captain Christopher Jones, but it is unknown just how many crew there were.

A full list of passengers and crew are below:

Mayflower passenger list

John Carver, Pilgrim separatist
Catherine White, John’s wife
Desire Minter, servant of John Carver
John Howland, servant of John Carver
Roger Wilder, servant of John Carver
William Latham, servant of John Carver
Jasper More, child travelling with the Carvers
A maidservant of John Carver
William Bradford, Pilgrim separatist
Dorothy May, William’s wife
Edward Winslow, Pilgrim separatist
Elizabeth Barker, Edward’s wife
George Soule, servant of Edward Winslow
Elias Story, servant of Edward Winslow
Ellen More, child travelling with the Winslows
William Brewster, Pilgrim separatist
Mary Brewster, William’s wife
Love Brewster, William’s son
Wrestling Brewster, William’s son
Richard More, child travelling with the Brewsters
Mary More, child travelling with the Brewsters
Isaac Allerton, Pilgrim separatist
Mary Norris, Isaac’s wife
Bartholomew Allerton, Isaac’s son
Remember Allerton, Isaac’s daughter
Mary Allerton, Isaac’s daughter
John Hooke, servant of Isaac Allerton
Miles Standish, non-separatist
Rose Standish, Miles’ wife
John Alden, Mayflower crewmen
Samuel Fuller, Pilgrim separatist
Christopher Martin, non-separatist
Mary Prower, Christopher’s wife
Solomon Prower, servant of Christopher Martin
John Langemore, servant of Christoper Martin
William Mullins, non-separatist
Alice Mullins (maiden name unknown), William’s wife
Joseph Mullins, William’s son
Priscilla Mullins, William’s daughter
Robert Carter, servant of William Mullins
William White, Pilgrim separatist
Susanna Jackson, William’s wife
Resolved White, William’s son
William Holbeck, servant of William White
Edward Thompson, servant of William White
Richard Warren, non-separatist
Stephen Hopkins, non-separatist
Elizabeth Fisher, Stephen’s wife
Giles Hopkins, Stephen’s son
Constance Hopkins, Stephen’s daughter
Damaris Hopkins, Stephen’s daughter
Oceanus Hopkins, Stephen’s son born at sea
Edward Doten, servant of Stephen Hopkins
Edward Leister, servant of Stephen Hopkins
Edward Tilley, Pilgrim separatist
Agnus Cooper, Edward’s wife
Henry Sampson, servant of Edward Tilley
Humility Cooper, servant of Edward Tilley
John Tilley, Pilgrim separatist
Joan Hurst, John’s wife
Elizabeth Tilley, John’s daughter
Francis Cook, Pilgrim separatist
John Cook, Francis’ son
Thomas Rogers, Pilgrim separatist
Joseph Rogers, Thomas’ son
Thomas Tinker, Pilgrim separatist
Wife of Thomas Tinker
Son of Thomas Tinker
John Rigsdale, non-separatist
Alice Rigsdale, John’s wife
Edward Fuller, Pilgrim separatist
Ann Fuller, Edward’s wife
Samuel Fuller, Edward’s son
John Turner, Pilgrim separatist
First son of John Turner
Second son of John Turner
Francis Eaton, non-separatist
Sarah Eaton, Francis’ wife
Samuel Eaton, Francis’ son
James Chilton, Pilgrim separatist
Wife of James Chilton
Mary Chilton, James’ daughter
John Crackstone, Pilgrim separatist
John Crackstone, John’s son
John Billington, non-separatist
Ellen Billngton, John’s wife
John Billington, John’s son
Francis Billington, John’s son
Moses Fletcher, Pilgrim separatist
John Goodman, Pilgrim separatist
Digory Priest, Pilgrim separatist
Thomas Williams, Pilgrim separatist
Gilbert Winslow, non-separatist
Edmond Margeson, non-separatist
Peter Brown, non-separatist
Richard Britteridge, non-separatist
Richard Clarke, non-separatist
Richard Gardiner, non-separatist

Mayflower Crew

Christopher Jones, captain
John Alden, cooper

John Allerton, seaman

John Clarke, ship’s pilot

Robert Coppin, Master’s mate

Thomas English, seaman
Giles Heale, ship’s surgeon

John Parker, seaman

William Trevore, seaman

Ely (last name unknown), seaman

Andrew Williamson, seaman

As you can see from the list above, almost half the people on-board the ship were fare paying passengers seeking a new life and not driven by religious convictions.
After a turbulent crossing of the Atlantic, almost half of the passengers and crew died between December 1620 and the early summer of 1621.

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