Stories of the Mayflower

Mayflower 400 is a commemoration to remember the lives of the passengers who travelled on the Mayflower and the Native American people they encountered.

There are countless stories connected to the pioneering transatlantic voyage and its passengers - the places from where they came, the people they were and the legacy they left.

From the beginnings of the Separatist movement in England to establishing a colony in in America, this section seeks to tell those stories.

It explores the ancestry and genealogy of the Mayflower passengers and their relevance and impact on society today.

Watch our video chronicling the story of the Mayflower 400 anniversary in 2020 and 2021 below, and explore more about the Mayflower story with our article and videos via the link below.

Mayflower II

The Mayflower Story

The story of the Pilgrims, their journey, and the colonisation of New England, is a complex one, spanning hundreds of years.

A statue of Wampanoag leader Massasoit

Native America

Native America is central to the Mayflower story, and Mayflower 400 is a true four-nation commemoration between the Wampanoag Nation, the USA, the UK and the Netherlands.

My Mayflower

A series of videos bringing to life the stories and people connected to the Mayflower story

Virtual Voyages

Mayflower 400 UK has been presenting three series of digital programmes in the build-up to the 400-year anniversary of the ship's historic voyage. One of those is Virtual Voyages which showcases the places woven into the Mayflower story.



Our Re-informed series allows artists and producers to give an insight to their work. Watch our episodes to explore the Mayflower story - without shying away from its challenging history.

Mayflower Passengers List - an interactive guide

Mayflower Passenger List

Mayflower Passengers List - an interactive guide

An interactive map guide to the Mayflower passenger list including the Pilgrim separatists, non-separatists, servants, and crew

Who were the Pilgrims?


Who were the Pilgrims?

Who were the Pilgrims and where did they come from? Read our profiles of the people of the Mayflower

Celebrities who can trace their ancestry to the Mayflower

The millions descended from the Mayflower Pilgrims include celebrities, royalty, American presidents, statesmen and women, and famous writers

Women of the Mayflower

Women of the Mayflower

The stories of the women who boarded the Mayflower and how their strength helped the Pilgrims settle in America.

Boy Who Fell From the Mayflower

Boy Who Fell From The Mayflower

Boy Who Fell From the Mayflower

A beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the story of a real-life passenger aboard the Mayflower

Native America and the Mayflower: 400 years of Wampanoag history

The Wampanoag Tribe, also known as the People of the First Light, has inhabited present-day Massachusetts and Eastern Rhode Island for more than 12,000 years. This their fascinating story

The journey to 16 September

This is the fascinating story of how the colonists made the trip possible, and the events that led to them gathering on the water’s edge in Plymouth some 400 years ago.

The Mashpee Wampanoag

Members of the Mashpee community describe the impact the arrival of the Pilgrims has had on their way of life and share their history and culture

How the Mayflower arrived in a world already scarred by slavery

When the Mayflower set sail in 1620, it was heading for a place already suffering the cruelty of slavery

What happened after the Mayflower landed in America?

The unbreakable bond of the original Mayflower passengers who survived their first winter in America

The journey after the Atlantic crossing was perhaps even harder for the Mayflower passengers, and it would not have been possible without the help of the very Native American people on whose land they had chosen to eventually settle.

How the Mayflower passengers started to build a colony

The Mayflower passengers and crew reached the coast of America during a harsh winter which brought with it heavy snow. Conditions made it incredibly difficult, but the group put together three exploring parties over the course of the month between the middle of November and the middle of December.

The making of the wetu – creating a lasting Wampanoag legacy

Challenging perceptions of Wampanoag culture

Plymouth residents get creative as part of Mayflower 400 Community Sparks Fund

Pilgrim woman

Who were the children of the Mayflower?

Little is known about the children who sailed on the Mayflower some 400 years ago. This is their story.

How Elizabeth Warren became Plymouth Colony's most successful businesswoman

The Elephant in the Room - meet the cast and crew

Meet the amazing people behind The Elephant in the Room, which is one of the signature digital events in the Mayflower 400 Plymouth.

How tragedy on the Mayflower led to the first wedding of Plymouth Colony

How tragedy on the Mayflower led to the first wedding of Plymouth Colony

It was an uncertain time for those who boarded the Mayflower some 400 years ago. This is the story of the first wedding of Plymouth Colony.

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