Sailing in the wake of the Mayflower

SB Snark is a fully-crewed traditional Thames sailing barge. Throughout the summer of 2020, the Snark will retrace the route taken by Mayflower and Speedwell as they travelled along the south coast of England in 1620, before the Mayflower eventually set out across the Atlantic, bound for North America.

​Starting in Dartmouth, the Snark will sail first to London, then on to Southampton, Dartmouth and Plymouth, following the route and dates in the Mayflower log and joining in the commemorations in each port along the way. Unlike the Mayflower, the Snark will only be sailing in daylight and will anchor or mooring ‘off -grid’ overnight.

SB Snark is a spritsail barge, recently constructed off the original plans of commercial sailing barges build by J G Fay in Woolston, Southampton in 1898. Her design has been updated a little to meet modern passenger vessel standards and to simplify sail handling. At 84ft on deck and 105 ft overall, she is a couple of feet shorter than Mayflower and lighter at 67 tonnes. She is slightly larger than the Speedwell.

The Snark can accommodate eight guests in two shared cabins in four bunk beds and four sailors’ hammocks, while there are also two shower rooms and a fully-equipped galley. She is a stable sailing ship with a large top deck and high free boards, which means exciting sailing without being too ‘tippy or splashy’! There is also plenty of day light and space below deck to socialise or to relax.

This Mayflower 400 adventure is split into nine legs with four layovers. Visitors can join Snark for some or all of the journey. Guests are welcome to help with the sailing of the Snark or just sit back and enjoy the trip and share some of the sights and experiences that the original Mayflower passengers would have known, as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Dartmouth, London, Southampton and Plymouth

Tour provider

Snark Limited


Qiao Feng +44(0)1962 841411

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Tour Highlights

  • Sail in the wake of the Mayflower around the south coast of England on a traditional seagoing Thames barge.
  • Visit the ports they visited on the 400th anniversary their departure and arrival.
  • Take part in the Mayflower 400 and other celebrations taking place in Dartmouth and Plymouth.
  • Share in the good company aboard, the freshly-prepared, locally-sourced food and complimentary beverages.
  • Enjoy the stunning scenery and historic sites of the South West English south coast and rivers and the diverse wildlife encountered along the route.
  • Join for all or just some legs of the voyage and help sail the boat as a guest crew or just relax as a passenger.
  • The tariff includes all on-board meals and accommodation.

More about the package

Duration: A total of nine legs. Guests can join for some or all of the journey.

Recommended group size: 8 people (maximum).

Pick-up location: A 30-minute bus journey from Totnes train station to Dartmouth or a 90-minute ferry trip down the River Dart. Short taxi or bus journey to Plymouth station.

Refreshments and meals: Full board and refreshments included.

Specialist equipment needed: Outdoor wet weather clothes and water-resistant shoes.

Fitness level: Moderate fitness required.

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