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In the morning you'll start at the magnificent Worksop Priory to learn the background history of English Christianity, from the Normans to Henry VIII.

You'll then visit the key villages and churches of the leading ‘Mayflower’ Pilgrims at Babworth, Scrooby and Austerfield.

After lunch, you will travel to the ‘Isle’ of Axholme and Epworth to see where John Wesley was born, attended his father’s church – and the tomb on which he began his most effective ministry.

A highlight is the visit to Scrooby, nurtured as a rebellious puritan centre by William Scrooby. Visit his church where he repeated the sermons he heard at Babworth, learn about the ‘pinfold’, and see the remains of his house at Scrooby Manor.

The little church of St Helena is where you will see the beautiful ‘Pilgrim’ windows and hear about the mysterious rediscovery of the ’Bradford font’. Just up the road you can see the Manor House where he lived.

It is a marvellous experience to walk the steps of Wesley, and guides will read thrilling words from his ‘Journal’ at the village cross, the inn and the family tomb – the very places he wrote about.

You can also visit the Old Rectory Museum and sit in the kitchen where Susannah developed her revolutionary idea of the Christian ‘home group.’

Gainsborough Old Hall

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Epworth, the beloved home town of John and Charles Wesley.
  • Explore the history of Christianity from the Normans to Henry VIII at Worksop Priory.
  • Visit the key churches and villages of the leading Mayflower Pilgrims.

Customisable Options

Pilgrims and Prophets can arrange additional local excursions and experiences as part of your tour. Please ask for details and prices when you make your booking enquiry.

  • The major oak at Sherwood Forest
  • Cream tea at Hodsock Priory.
  • Lincoln Cathedral choral evensong
  • Traditional English bell-ringing
  • Real ale beer-tasting
  • Europe’s largest antiques market
  • Sherwood Forest 'Red Bus' Tour

More about the package

Price: From £200 for full-day tour for up to seven people - including entry to the Old Rectory and excluding transport, church donations and lunch. Final prices confirmed on quotation.

Group size: Most group sizes can be accommodated.

Duration: Full day, 10 hours. Option to split into a Wesley-focused tour or a Mayflower Pilgrims tour.

Special equipment needed: Comfortable shoes and warm clothes (as the churches can sometimes be cold).


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