My Mayflower: Charting the Mayflower

Why did the Mayflower sail? Why did the passengers leave? What was the impact of their settlement? Why weren't we taught this at school?

Charting the Mayflower is a performance by the London Bubble Theatre, who over the past three years have been uncovering, considering and performing the Mayflower story through their eyes.

Using a creative research-based approach, the South London community-based organisation have peeled back layers of the voyage and shared their findings through sold-out performances in parks, churches, streets and on film.

Their final performance of Charting the Mayflower is called The Enquiry. It is a summary piece dramatising the questions they have encountered on their journey.

This short film in our Mayflower 400 My Mayflower series explores how 'Charting the Mayflower' came to be in the midst of a pandemic and how it has had a lasting effect on the community - and how they examined closely the role of London in the story.

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