My Mayflower - Mayflower Reflections

This short film in our My Mayflower digital series explores the story of Mayflower Reflections, a virtual reality experience that immerses audiences in the story of the momentous journey and explores the contemporary parallels with the early voyagers.

Arts organisation MBD have created the remarkable new experience, which allows audiences to put on a Virtual Reality Headset from the comfort of their own home and find themselves transported back to the 17th century.

As they hear of the story of these early settlers, viewers will learn of how much has changed since the voyagers first settled on the land, and the similarities between their journey and the journey of millions of asylum seekers today.

We talk to Paul Long, creative director, who tells us about the themes of the project, including how persecution still affects a great many people today and the similar journeys we still take - as well as the impact those voyages had on other people.


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