My Mayflower: The Making of the Pilgrim Woman

The second in the My Mayflower series follows the story of Rachel Carter and the creation of the Pilgrim Woman.

Rachel’s story brings together different cultures on both sides of the Atlantic in a true commemoration of their shared history, while shining a light on the often untold role of women in the Mayflower story through the making of her Pilgrim Woman sculpture.

Rachel is a textile artist who can trace her ancestors back to the very places many of the leading Pilgrims hailed from in England before they planned their voyage on the Mayflower. She ‘recreated’ that very journey aboard a modern cargo vessel to work with local people in Provincetown, meeting a member of the Wampanoag tribe as she learned of their ancient weaving techniques, finding vital inspiration to create the ’Pilgrim Woman’.

Upon her return, she worked with 50 women in places like Gainsborough and Retford in the heart of the ‘Pilgrim Roots’ region, eventually becoming the ‘Pilgrim Woman’ herself - before using highly advanced technology to create the final sculpture that will live in the village of Austerfield - the birthplace of William Bradford himself.

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