The Story of the Mayflower

Hear ‘The Story of the Mayflower’ as told by storyteller Katy Cawkwell, online via Zoom on Saturday, 10 October, from 8-9pm.

Katy's story follows the journey of Squanto, the Native American who was captured by the English and sold into slavery, but escaped and played a vital role in the colonists' first year in America.

You will also hear about the journey of William Bradford, the sickly boy from England who travelled first to Holland and then across the Atlantic Ocean, following a dream and trusting in God.

Along the way, you'll encounter many of the main characters and events surrounding the journey of the Mayflower, ending with a reflection on how these events are remembered today.

This is a grown-up version of the schools' performance supported by Plymouth Mayflower 400 and is aimed at adults and older children (suitable for ages eight and over).

It would also be an ideal way for teachers to learn more about this event in order to share it with their class.

The performance is part of the Romsey Storytelling Festival. Tickets cost £6 and £3 respectively and are available here.

You can find more details about 'The Story of the Mayflower' here.

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