Mayflower International Genealogical Conference

The Mayflower International Genealogical Conference on Saturday, 28 August will now be held via Zoom, making it available to a worldwide audience.

They have experienced wars, epidemics, changes in their ways of life, perhaps wealth or poverty. Their children survived and you are here.

With some guided research and possibly a DNA test, you too could name your ancestors, perhaps back to 1620.

The Mayflower passengers decided to undertake a voyage which contributed to the development of today's United States of America.

Their reasons were varied. Those later called Pilgrims escaped religious persecution; servants hoped to improve their status; tradesmen had skills to share; merchants sailed to find new sources of trade and wealth; the captain and crew had a job to take all safely to their destination - although the Mayflower didn't arrive where they had planned.

Many of the Mayflower passengers have descendants today who are proud to tell their stories.

At this online Conference, well-known and entertaining speakers will share some of their research and also encourage those attending to consider investigating their own family histories - not just a list of names and dates, but the stories of the lives that they led, where they lived and worked, why they moved from place to place, their families, their occupations and their beliefs, their highs and lows.

You may solve a family mystery, or uncover a skeleton or two!

Thanks to the generosity of grants from the Mayflower 400 Community Sparks Fund, Plymouth Octopus Project, Devon Family History Society and the Lady Neville Charity, the Devon Family History Society is offering an entry fee of just £5, for a whole day of lectures.

Find out more here and book your ticket here.

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