Plymouth 1620: The Place, The People, The Evidence

This free all-day Symposium by Plymouth Archaeological Society is being held at the University of Plymouth on Saturday 11 September, from 9am to 6.20pm.

The morning session will concentrate on the people and the place:

  • Prof Mark Stoyle 'DISSENT and RESISTANCE in Plymouth: 1546-1646'
  • Prof Bob Stone 'SOMEWHERE in TIME: The Virtual Mayflower Project and Barbican'
  • Prof Keith Ray 'ON THE WATERFRONT: Plymouth and its maritime entrepreneurs, 1580-1620, an Archaeological perspective'
  • Chris Robinson 'The STORIES of FIVE HOUSES WE CAN SEE... over 400 Years'

The afternoon session will concentrate on the risks and dangers at home and at sea:

  • Dr Harriet Dismore 'PLYMOUTH in 1620 in The COMMUNITY: Places, People and Evidence?'
  • Laura Quigley 'STAYING ALIVE in 1620...'
  • Dr Todd Gray 'PLYMOUTH and its FISHERMEN before 1620'
  • John Allan 'POTTERY, TRADE and the HOUSEHOLD in PLYMOUTH in the early 17th century'
  • Martin Read 'GATES, GUNS & GALLEONS: An Adventure, with Pirates!'
  • Dr Janet Few aka Mistress Agenes 'BESOMS, BATTLEDORES, BEDSTEADS and BUM ROLLS: The Role of Women in the 17th Century...'

Organisers are still waiting on the numbers who can attend the symposium from the University, so cannot issue any tickets as yet.

Find out more here.

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