The Mayflower: Myths, Truths and Legacies

The sailing of the Mayflower in 1620 is a celebrated foundation myth of the United States and a global symbol of the flight from oppression to freedom. It is a migrant story with a powerful resonance for the events of our time.

'The Mayflower: Myths, Truths and Legacies' aims to unravel the Mayflower legends and legacies with intriguing stories from the true historic narrative.

The fraught and troubled beginnings of the Pilgrims, as they became known, emerged as the touchstone of the America's sacred beginnings, eclipsing the earlier story of Virginia and the South well before the Civil War.

Author Dr Rita Cruise O’Brien will be giving an online talk at Guildhall Library on Tuesday, September 8.

Please note: Further information for joining online via Zoom will be provided to participants 24 hours prior to the event, when bookings end.

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