The Mayflower Story - A Conspiracy?

In this online event, Charlie Keeler - editor, researcher and co-writer of new book titled 'Mayflower - A Sea Change', will discuss about the lesser-known story of the Mayflower - the triumphs and the treacheries.

As more and more documents come to light and certain events are set in order, you can start to see a conspiratorial pattern emerging and that things might not be as they seem - and may even explain some of what's happening today.

Charlie's talk is based on research for his new book that was published during lockdown about the Mayflower journey - as seen through the lens of 2020 and people who live in the City of Plymouth, past, present and future.

Now an accredited Mayflower 400 Tour Guide, Charlie has kindly donated his time to do this talk, based on additional research he conducted while preparing the book.

This fascinating study takes us deeper into the Mayflower story and the stage that had been set around its arrival. Further research into the activities of certain key actors and indeed other European countries, should lead us to further question the 'accepted' narrative of the Mayflower Story.

This is not to say that the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and what they did was wrong; rather to suggest that they were highly likely to have been a key part of a bigger plan that they were not necessarily aware of - at least the Separatists are unlikely to have known - so were more like an unwitting Trojan Horse.

Settling a colony in North America had proven extremely difficult for all the countries attempting it, mainly on account of the cultural and linguistic challenges of working with the First Nation peoples, so the Pilgrims probably represented the best chance of making a serious inroad, as they were seen by the first nation people as a small band of struggling families trying to make a small settlement and clearly needed help having lost half their number in the first deadly winter.

This talk connects together some key documents, facts and characters of the time and what they appear to indicate.

Register for your ticket here. Price for the event is £10 (or £30 - including p&p - with the beautiful Mayflower book sent in advance to your home. This book retails at £25).

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