Mayflower Itineraries

Suggested Mayflower itineraries for groups and individuals have been created, to showcase how you can explore the Mayflower destinations across England.

The Mayflower itineraries are all suggestions of places to visit that have links to the Mayflower story, and also include useful information such as coffee and lunch stops, hotels and tour guides.

From the ten day national Mayflower trail that includes all of the Mayflower highlights, to specialist themed tours including religion, maritime heritage and Elizabethan England. The suggested itineraries can be tailored to the exact needs of your group, FIT clients or tour.

Mayflower themed shore excursion itineraries are also available for cruise ships and cruise passengers.

Please note the information in the suggested itineraries was correct at time of production. Please check all details before using this content for your own tours

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