Mayflower concert to be streamed live from the church of the ship's Captain

Oct 29, 2020

A concert of new music themed on the voyage of the Mayflower was be streamed online on Thursday 29 October.

Memories of the Mayflower was recorded in St Mary's Church in Rotherhithe, on the banks of the Thames in London. The Mayflower's Captain, Christopher Jones, worshipped at the church and is buried in the grounds, where a memorial can be found.

Rotherhithe was also the ship's home port and home to some of the crew.

The concert was a song cycle by One Voice, One Cello and a Mad Belgian, with narration by local Rotherhithe actor Nathan Osgood. It is presented by Tuned In London.

Watch it below.

The song cycle sets the scene as we slip into the shoes of those migrating adventurers, whose arrival on American shores had such an impact on the indigenous people already there and on those who were to follow.

Find out more at the Tuned In London website

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