Mayflower LIVE talks tell the real stories of the ship’s sailing

Mar 01, 2021

Do you want to hear more about the Mayflower and explore the real stories of the ship’s sailing?

In 2021, we hosted a series of live Q&A’s, with the chance to submit questions for our leading experts.

Mayflower LIVE discovered little-known facts about the people who travelled, the perilous challenges they overcame, how they built a colony in America and the eventual devastating impact it had on people who already lived there.

People could ask our experts questions in real time while watching on the Mayflower 400 UK Facebook page.

Our first Live Q&A explored the lives of the passengers before they left and the reasons they embarked on the journey to America – and how they came to choose their destination.

On Saturday 13 March, we were joined by historian Dr Anna Scott, from the region in England where many of the leading Mayflower passengers were born and raised. Dr Scott is an internationally recognised leading expert on Mayflower history.

She was joined by Susan Suer of Heritage Leiden – the Dutch city where the religious separatists who planned the voyage lived after escaping England.

Susan is an expert on the group’s time in Holland and how they lived just prior to leaving for America.

Watch episode one of Mayflower Live

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