New ‘Pilgrim’ beer launched for Mayflower 400 anniversary

Oct 07, 2020

A brewery in the Pilgrim Roots region released a special beer to mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's voyage to North America.

The Pheasantry Brewery is a family-run business in North Nottinghamshire which has strong connections to Babworth, where Richard Clifton preached to William Brewster and a young William Bradford some four centuries ago.

This family have celebrated life's milestones at All Saints Church, Babworth, for years and so know the Mayflower story well.

Mary Easterbrook, who owns the Pheasantry Brewery with her husband, Mark, said: "My grandfather, Joseph Camm, moved to Babworth in 1916 where he farmed and lived until his death in 1959.

"The business was continued and expanded by my parents, Frank and Margaret Morrell (nee Camm). Today, it is still a family farming business."

The new 'Pilgrim' beer. Picture courtesy of Pilgrim Roots

The Pheasantry saw the Mayflower 400 anniversary as an opportunity to do something a bit different while celebrating a local story - and created a new beer aptly titled 'Pilgrim'.

'Pilgrim' is a golden ale made using USA hops, and commemorating the region's unique connection to those famous passengers.

The brewery chose this flavour as a nod to the way beer has developed in America, where hoppy paler ales are popular.

The 'Pilgrim' beer can be bought direct from The Pheasantry website here or, if you're lucky enough to live in Lincolnshire, you can find it in your local Co-op store.

The new 'Pilgrim' beer. Picture courtesy of Pilgrim Roots

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