The Mayflower 400 Speaker Series

The Mayflower 400 Speaker Series is a carefully curated sequence of seven events, that will take place across the UK in the lead up to the Mayflower 400 commemoration in November 2020 in Plymouth.

Transatlantic law firm Womble Bond Dickinson are pleased to be the lead partner of this exciting programme exploring the key themes of the Mayflower 400 commemoration.

In the third episode of the Mayflower 400 Speaker event, in partnership with Womble Bond Dickinson, commemorating 400 years since the life-changing journey on the Mayflower, we talk to Terry Waite, who shared the story of his time as a hostage in Beirut some 28 years since his release in November 1991.

Terry spent 1,760 days in captivity and 20 years later he travelled back to meet his jihadist captors. His personal journey and recovery are testament to the notion that hardship can often be a source of strength; and his experiences can be assimilated to those of the pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower some 400 years ago.

The event, at HMS Drake in Plymouth, heard Terry's personal account of his ability to face the unknown, to build trust and the physical and mental capacity he had to exercise to deal with the hardships that he faced.

He spoke about the importance of staying mentally active in the face of death as well as share ways in which he was creative in situations where there was little or no support available. He believes that when forced, human beings discover resources that enable them to cope in extreme situations.

Watch our overview of the prestigious event below, together with an exclusive interview with Terry.



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