The Grid Experience

Southampton-based ZoieLogic Dance Theatre uses dance theatre to bring Sotonian stories to life.

Led by artistic director Zoie Golding, the company brings 20 years’ experience of challenging the perceptions of dance and who it is for.

They entertain audiences with bold, risky, surprising shows, inspired by the wonderful world of cinema, and create shows and projects with both professional and non-professional dancers alike.

The Theatre will be working to connect communities across the city, challenging perceptions of where we live and celebrating who we are and what is important to us.

Bringing things to do in Southampton, Zoie and her team will work with local people and community groups to gather stories and create dance theatre performances exploring the themes of 'home', 'identity' and 'journeying''.

The Grid experience is an exciting new project which explores movement and shared spaces in response to people experiencing a physical and social distance because of Covid-19.

It is a unique way to use dance and movement within physical distancing guidelines.

Watch the trailer and sign up here.

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