Love and Fury Film Screening / Q&A Zoom with Director Sterlin Harjo

Due to the recent lockdown new dates will be re-arranged.

Plymouth Arts Cinema will host two on-site screenings of Love and Fury accompanied by a live Zoom Q&A with director Sterlin Harjo.

Sterlin Harjo follows Native artists as they navigate their careers in the US and abroad.

The film explores the immense complexities each artist faces of their own identity as Native artists, as well as, advancing Native art into a post-colonial world.

Director, Sterlin Harjo says: "The film is a conversation that I’ve wanted to have for a long time. Native art has been shackled to history by a false vision of what Native people are through the settler gaze of our current reality.

"I wanted to make something bold and in your face, directly putting up a finger to the shackles of the art world and historic representation of our people.

"We are diverse, we are dark, we are beautiful and so is our artwork. We are human beings."

Executive producer: Robin Ballenger

Run time: 93 minutes

Find more on the Love and Fury website here.

Find more information on event ticketing here.

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