Blood Memory UK

A new Indigenous Artist led app has launched as part of the Mayflower 400 'Settlement' project that will enable 'Blood Memory' app users in Plymouth UK the opportunity to discover more about nature and ancestry within the city's Central Park.

It promises to be a great way for individuals and families to connect with the outdoors, especially during lockdown.

Not only will the 'Blood Memory' app experience enable users to discover stories at set locations in geocaching fashion, it will offer opportunities for people to submit their own 'Blood Memory' nature-based stories from their own locations – helping to build a library of land-based stories and memories from people's own perspectives across the globe.

The 'Blood Memory' Experience is an ethnographic, cultural storytelling project that uses virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to explore how people interpret the concept of 'Blood Memory'.

The phenomena of 'Blood Memory' can be described as the experience of humans holding both ancient and recent memories in our bodies that can be triggered and awakened to reveal both knowledge and trauma.

Co-directed by Indigenous artists Stina Hamlin and Jade Begay, Blood Memory XR aims to connect Native and non-Native people to stories of the land, language, songs, and teachings from Indigenous perspectives. Through these, the artists hope to invigorate a sense of responsibility to protect land, water and the climate.

Click here to visit the project web page.

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