Mayflower 400 Organ Recital

The Mayflower 400 Organ Recital at St Saviour's, Dartmouth, will go ahead at 11.55am on Saturday, 29 August, with two changes.

The recital is now part of the Edgington Organ Recital Series, and the soloist will be Sean Sweeney.

Two new pieces - one American and one British - will form the core of the recitals: Carson Cooman’s Plymouth Soundings and Clive Jenkins’ Four Mayflower Portraits.

Dr Sean Sweeney

The Cooman-Jenkins collaboration arose after Carson found old organ music by Clive in a second-hand shop during a visit to London. He liked it and later had it republished in the USA.

Carson is organist-composer in the Memorial Church at Harvard University, just up the coast from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Plymouth, Devon, is Clive’s birthplace – and it was he who suggested writing new music for Mayflower 400, and the publication of Carson’s work in the UK by Goodmusic, his British publisher.

The music is promoted by Plymouth Culture, Plymouth Music Accord and Plymouth & District Organists’ Association. Two members of the Association – Richard Line and Sean Sweeney – will take the pieces on the road.

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