Re-informed: A Few To The Many

This short film in our Mayflower 400 ‘Re-informed’ series goes behind the scenes of a new film called A Few To The Many by artist Hetain Patel, which delves deeper into the Mayflower story and the lasting impact and legacy of those on board.

Hetain is a visual artist and performance maker who works across all media, including sculpture, photography, film, performance.

In terms of subject matter, he often focuses on the voices of marginalised cultures, whether that is to do with ethnicity, gender, disabilities, sexuality, and looking for ways for those voices to exist on our own terms.

A Few To The Many is being produced in partnership with students from Inspire Learning based in the Bassetlaw area of Nottinghamshire – a region which was home to many of the leading figures behind the Mayflower’s voyage. This project will explore how a few people became many, and the experience of those left behind.

It also looks at a journey into the unknown, the pursuit of tolerance and freedom and the impact of a small group across the world.

A Few To The Many is due to be released in 2021.

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