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Mayflower 400 has various branding, please use the resources below to understand the difference between the logos and in what circumstances they may be used. The brand request form may then be used to submit your proposal to Mayflower 400, requesting the relevant branding. Once we have received your proposal, it will be evaluated against our criteria and we will contact you.


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Primary Logo

Mayflower 400 has two primary logos; one with the strap line ‘Steering our future, inspired by the past’ and one without. They are the core identifier logos for Mayflower 400 and are present on all material created for the Mayflower 400 brand.

The primary logo is used to signify official Mayflower 400 events and programmes, for example, the official Mayflower programmes for education, volunteer, cultural or business events are distinguished by the use of the primary logo.

The logo design is a bold, detailed calligraphic logotype and is the anchor of the brand. The logo is made from bespoke typography, based on the calligraphy of the original Mayflower Compact of 1620, and William Bradford’s script. It combines it with an abstract form derived from the Mayflower’s sail.

The primary logos are for use by Mayflower 400 organisation only. Organisations who are contributing to the commemoration should use the relevant secondary branding as listed next.

Founding Partner

This logo is for the founding members of the Mayflower 400 national and international compact partners. It signifies the compact partner’s contribution and position as founding members of the Mayflower 400 partnership and programme of events across the UK. The Founding Partners form the national Mayflower trail destinations and will have a host of their own local programme of events to commemorate Mayflower 400 as well as being part of the national overall programme. It should always be used with a partner identifier. 

International Sponsor

This is the highest tier of sponsorship for major organisations providing funding for the international programme. International sponsorship is available as an exclusive opportunity, with the opportunity to reach a wide global audience. There is huge potential for international sponsors to gain exposure and meet key corporate social responsibility objectives through sponsoring the programme.

National Sponsor

This is the next level of sponsorship for organisations providing funding for the national programme. National Sponsorship is available for single strands of the national programme which reaches across multiple partner locations. For example, an organisation might sponsor the education, sports, cultural or events programme.

Official Sponsor

This level of sponsorship is for organisations providing funding at a local level.  Compact partners are entitled to award this branding to organisations that are directly funding their programme, on the understanding it can only be used at a local level. Local sponsorship programmes benefits the companies looking to create strong ties and have a substantial impact with specific groups within a local community or region. It should always be used with a geographic locator.

Official Tour Operator

This Official Tour Operator logo is available for use by tour operators who are selling officially accredited Mayflower 400 tours and itineraries. These can be national tours taking in all of the 11 English Mayflower destinations from the birthplace of the Pilgrims to the Mayflower and Speedwell destinations; or it could be a very specific local tour. International tours include Leiden, the Netherlands, and further afield, Provincetown and Plymouth, USA. Look out for this official logo to trust in its authenticity. We welcome more tour operators to apply.

Destination Founder

This speciality partnership provides the opportunity for small group of influential leaders and businesses connected to local partner destinations only, to consider together how best to maximise the opportunity of Mayflower 400. Through this exclusive Founders partnership the group will seek to maximise opportunities presented by this unique opportunity. This logo is solely for their use on marketing and PR materials locally.

Spirit of Mayflower

This logo is available to charities, community organisations and events that are contributing to the Mayflower 400 programme. Compact partners will evaluate each applicant to ensure they are reputable, safe, share our values of fairness and equality and meet the aims of the programme.

Friend of Mayflower

This sponsorship logo is for organisations that are providing an in-kind contribution to the Mayflower 400 programme at a local level. For example, hotels providing free or heavily discounted accommodation may apply to be a Friend of Mayflower. Compact partners are entitled to award this logo on the understanding that it may only be used at a local level. It should always be used with a geographic locator.

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Brand Resources

Please read our Brand Guidelines carefully before using our logos.  These can be downloaded here.

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