Mayflower 400 Anniversary Roadtrips

Discover for yourself the history behind the Pilgrims and the Mayflower voyage with your own adventure in a unique campervan, courtesy of Wanderlust Camper Tours.


Uncover the whole Pilgrims story and visit a variety of historic location, including Worcester, Stratford-upon-Avon, BabworthGainsboroughImmingham, Lincoln / Lincolnshire Wolds, Boston, Cambridge, Harwich, Oxford, Southampton, Gloucester, Bristol, Dartmouth and Plymouth.

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Wanderlust Camper Tours


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What's included in the tour?

  • Insurance for two drivers, plus breakdown assistance (in the unlikely event it is required!)
  • Unlimited UK mileage - no allowance
  • Pick-up or drop-off at Birmingham Airport or Gloucester train station (to be agreed in advance)
  • Optional tour information
  • Campervan kitchen and equipment
  • Bedding, linen and towels provided
  • Campsite accommodation assistance
  • Camping and Caravanning Club's Privilege membership to stay at member sites
  • Self-guided tour app
  • Suggested itinerary - including key dates, and locations
  • ​Souvenir Ordnance Survey Map
  • Google map and sat-nav (pre-loaded with key locations)
  • Malvern Spring water - the Queen's favourite water! 

Follow in the footsteps of the Pilgrims and immerse yourself in the history of the voyage with Wanderlust's suggested itineraries and a self-guided tour of Mayflower 400 highlights and events during August and September 2020.

There are three route options throughout March to October 2020. Rates vary depending upon duration and dates. During September, there are additional options available for those wanting to take a longer tour to tie with special commemorative event dates – which range from 14-, 21- and 28-night trips.

The self-guided roadtrips are based around suggested itineraries that can be tailored for guests.

Predominantly tailored for visitors from the US and Netherlands, the journey provides the opportunity of a lifetime, to join in with 400-year anniversary events, see significant landmarks and perhaps even discover more about their own ancestry.

More about the packages

Pilgrim Highlights

5- & 7-night options including Worcester, Southampton, Dartmouth and Plymouth – with optional cultural centres en-route Strafford Upon Avon, Oxford and Bristol A 5-night tour begins from £850 to £1,125, with a 7-night from £930 to £1,260.

Pilgrim Roots

7- & 10-night options – as Pilgrim Highlights PLUS Babworth & Pilgrim Villages, Gainsborough > Immingham and Lincoln Cathedral & Magna Carta as optional. A 7-night from £930 to £1,260 and 10-night from £1,220 to £1,710.

Pilgrim Story

7- & 10-night options including Worcester, Southampton, Dartmouth and Plymouth – PLUS Boston and Harwich with an option of either Strafford Upon Avon, Oxford and Bristol, Lincoln or Cambridge. A 7-night from £930 to £1,260 and 10-night from £1,220 to £1,710.

September 2020 Commemorative Events tour - 14-, 21- and 28-day options

The Full Mayflower Tour is a very special tour for those who want to immerse themselves in the experience and time it with the commemorative celebrations in September. There are events and celebrations all around the Mayflower destinations, with very special celebrations in September in Plymouth.

Tours in September differ in routes and duration to take in to account these special events.

Worcester to Plymouth - 14 nights (31 August to 14 September): £2,960

Follow the Pilgrim story from Worcester to the coast, culminating in the highlight events in Plymouth.
​Worcester* > Stratford Upon Avon > Cotswolds > Oxford > Southampton* Exeter > Dartmouth* > Plymouth*

Plymouth to Worcester - 14 nights (14 September to 28 September): £2,960

Start with the celebration events in Plymouth and retrace the Pilgrim steps ending in Worcester.
Plymouth* > Dartmouth* > Exeter > Southampton* > Oxford > ​Cotswolds > Stratford Upon Avon > Worcester*

Worcester to Plymouth Plus - 21 nights (24 August to 14 September): £4,440

Follow the Pilgrim story from Worcester to the coast, culminating in the highlight events in Plymouth (with an extra seven nights for a detour or exploring).
Worcester * > Stratford Upon Avon > Babworth* > Gainsborough* > ​ Immingham * > Boston * > Cambridge > Harwich * > Oxford > Southampton * > Dartmouth * > Plymouth *

Full Mayflower Experience - 28 nights (24 August to 31 September): £5,920

With an opportunity to uncover the full Pilgrim story, as well as visit extras highlights.
Worcester* > Stratford Upon Avon > Babworth* > Gainsborough* > Immingham * > Lincoln / Lincolnshire Wolds > Boston* > Cambridge > Harwich * > Oxford > Southampton* > Dartmouth* > Plymouth* > Bristol > Gloucester > Worcester*


Starting from £133 a night for a campervan, for up to four guests, and is a cost-effective way for a multi-destination break where accommodation and transport can be conveniently rolled in to one.

What's included?

The roadtrip package includes campervan hire with bedding, linen, wash pack and welcome pack, kitchen equipment and crockery, insurance for two drivers, unlimited UK mileage, plus souvenirs of a limited-edition Mayflower Roadtrip Ordnance Survey map and glass bottles of Malvern Spring water.

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