Feminist Fusion to host Mayflower 400 'Memoria' online discussion series

Nov 25, 2020

This Saturday 28 November, Plymouth-based community initiative 'Feminist Fusion' will re-launch online their series of group sessions inspired by the history of the sailing of the Mayflower.

The series is part of the 'Memoria' project funded by the Mayflower 400 Community Sparks programme - a partnership project between Mayflower 400, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth City Council, The Box and Vital Sparks.

'Memoria' aims to encourage the local community to "recover our historical memory" by thinking about what really happened in 1620: the historical facts, the social, political and cultural legacy of Mayflower’s episode in history and what to do with this 'memory' through conversation, craft, poetry and connecting with people.

The project aims to provide a place for public and honest conversation, about the impact of the Mayflower's voyage on the lives of Indigenous people, through listening carefully to people's responses as a local and global community while providing a platform to highlight the voices of women.

The first online session takes place this Saturday, followed by a further virtual session on 12 December.

Saturday 28 November, 7pm: "Two Spirit" - a talk, group conversation and creative participation, plus a guest performer, focused around the subject of indigenous perspective on gender.

Saturday 12 December, 7pm: "Slavery, Kubler Ross and the Journey to Liberation" - a talk, group conversations and creative participation, plus a guest performer, focusing around the topic of the slave trade.

For more details and to register interest in attending, visit the Facebook page here or the website here and contact Feminist Fusion directly.

Further Memoria events are scheduled for 2021 in the format of in-person workshops (Covid dependent) and details can be found here.

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