Clan-Kind, Settlement's sister project, opens photography entries for Plymouth Almanac

Nov 10, 2020

From November 2020 to autumn 2021, Mayflower 400 project Clan-Kind is looking for images to be included in an almanac of Plymouth.

Clan-Kind is the sister project to Settlement, which is the indigenous online occupation by 30 Native American artists for Mayflower 400.

Photographs that showcase the wonderful landscape and heritage of the city across the seasons will be compiled by The Conscious Sisters CIC into a calendar that shows a Plymouth year through the lens of nature, in order to produce a record for the city. 

An almanac is an annual publication listing a set of events forthcoming in the next year. It includes information like weather forecasts, farmers' planting dates, tide tables etc.

The final almanac will be a free resource to help Plymothians and visitors to the city explore the beauty of our changing landscape and develop a deeper connection with the natural world.  

An apple-pressing event with Allways Apples at Stonehall Flats in Plymouth

The Plymouth almanac will feature photos, interviews, drawings, planting dates, weather forecasts, plants, stories, myths, folklore and ceremony, as well as showcasing the Clan-Kind project which connects local people to the lost and forgotten landscapes of our city.

The Conscious Sisters CIC is asking the people of Plymouth to consider and capture ‘What happens to your neighbourhood in Autumn?’

Things to look out for/considerations could include:

  • Do you have an urban orchard in your ward/area?
  • Are there gluts of pumpkins in your allotment or garden?
  • Can you capture the beauty of your local park as winter draws closer? 
  • What flowers can you see at certain times of year?

An apple-pressing event with Allways Apples at Stonehall Flats in Plymouth

Those who express interest, will not only be helping the city appreciate the glorious landscape (urban and built), but will be invited to a special reception to launch the project and be gifted a hard copy of the finished almanac.  

Fiona Evans of The Conscious Sister CIC says: "Getting out in nature has become a priority during the pandemic for so many people, a way to cope with the stress of lockdown.

"So, now is the perfect time to focus once more on the magnificent natural beauty of our city as winter draws near. When you take photos for social media, don't forget to send them to us too and help us build a record of Plymouth across the year."

This opportunity is open for all - anyone can enter. Entrants do not need to be professional photographers, and entries from children are welcome, too.

An apple-pressing event with Allways Apples at Stonehall Flats in Plymouth

The project is part of Mayflower 400 and has been funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Mayflower 400 Cultural Fund. 

Images can be uploaded here or you can send photos via email to

Clan-Kind reconnects Plymothians to nature and helps build bridges between communities in Plymouth and the indigenous people of North America and Canada. 

  • Find more information about Settlement here.
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