Mayflower 400 Sporting Voyage Schools Programme goes online

Mar 27, 2020

Plymouth Argyle Community Trust (PACT) has turned its Mayflower 400 Sporting Voyage Schools Programme into an online series.

In response to the need to promote wellness and activities that can be accessed and implemented remotely home, PACT has put together a number of resources which will enable children and adults alike to take part in the programme from the comfort of their own home.

They include two Mayflower 400 videos, an M400 Sport downloadable / printable activity booklet, plus six digital e-Learning and sporting Home Challenges.

What’s more, for every completed home challenge submitted, entrants will receive a downloadable certificate that can be printed – both acknowledging effort and giving families and individuals the chance to be part of something.

All submitted Home Challenges will be entered into the 'Pilgrim Stars of the Week' competition, and will also be in with the chance of winning a Mayflower 400 badge.

Here are the Mayflower 400 Sporting Voyage Schools Programme resources. Simply click the links to find out more:


Learn more about the journey of the Mayflower with these informative videos and then complete the M400 Sporting Voyage activity booklet and test your knowledge plus discover some interesting Mayflower 400 facts you might not know.

Video Session 1: The Pilgrims – A Story

Video Session 2: Discovering a New World

Weekly Home Challenges

Home Challenge 1 – Message in a Bottle

For this Home Challenge you need to use your imagination, you are a passenger on the Mayflower, write about you experiences in the form of a letter, poem or any other style of writing.

Home Challenge 2 – Thanksgiving Shopping List

Your task is to research the perfect Thanksgiving meal and come up with a list of ingredients required to suit your family. List the ingredients with the prices of each item and a total.

Home Challenge 3 – Fact File

Complete the fact file, including height, weight, age, university and position for a current Plymouth Raiders player and American import, Rashad Hassan.

Home Challenge 4 – Fill in the Gaps

Complete the paragraph by filling in the blank spaces about the Women’s Football World Cup.

Home Challenge 5 – Baseball Logo Design

Plymouth Mariners are in need of a new logo design, before they begin their new season.

Home Challenge 6 – Change in the Modern World

Your task is to write down one thing you would change in the modern world and your reasons why.

Pilgrim Stars of the Week

Whoever takes part in the challenges, no matter what order or how many are completed, will be entered for the Pilgrim Star of the Week' award.

If chosen, you’ll receive a shoutout for excellent work and engaging with the programme plus stand the chance of winning a Mayflower 400 badge. In addition, everyone who takes part receives an e-Certificate for each challenge. Collect all six certificates.

To find out more visit

To submit your challenges or for questions about the programme, please email

Share your achievements on social

Plymouth Argyle Community Trust and Mayflower 400 would love to share the achievements of all those taking part.

Once you have uploaded your challenges and received your e-Certificate, share with us your award on social media by tagging @mayflower400uk and @PAFCCommunityTr - also tag #Mayflower400 and #M400sport and as many entrants will be re-shared as possible.

We will promote one challenge each week but you can do them in any order you feel or do as many as you like.

The aim will be to keep the challenges running until the summer – subject to the current climate - but we will let you know on the website before the competition closes.

Thank you and enjoy being part of Sporting Voyage!

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