Autumn Chacon shares her story in Red Brigade Films documentary for STTLMNT

Dec 08, 2020

Red Brigade Films' short documentary featuring Autumn Chacon is available to view on the @settlement_uk website.

Diné and Xicana artist Autumn Chacon uses her activism, art and community involvement to communicate as a contemporary storyteller, exhibiting her electronic installations, sound and performance work both domestically and internationally.

Autumn often collaborates with her sister, Nani Chacon, through design-based electronic installations called HÓLÓ which incorporate the use of sound and/or radio frequencies.

The film series can be viewed exclusively here.

In 2021, the sisters launched an exceptional new collaboration titled IAM: Indigenous Access Media, which will be amplified through the #STTLMNT Digital Occupation.

IAM was a public common for Indigenous People worldwide, by providing a media host where individuals and groups can share content made by and for Indigenous People on an independent online platform.

Razelle Benally, 'STTLMNT' film series Director from Red Brigade Films, says: "The STTLMNT video series is not only a response to the current state of the world, but illuminates the proactive nature and resilience of the artists, bringing back a sense of unity in a time where social engagement is limited."

Documentary details

Director: Razelle Benally @RazelleBenally

Executive producer: Ginger Dunnill @brokenboxesprojects

STTLMNT project concept artist: Cannupa Hanska Luger @cannupahanska

Cinematography: Adam Conte @adam_conte01 and Razelle Benally

Artist featured: #autumnchacon

Special appearance: #NaniChacon and Sunrise

Music featured: 'Summer Assassins' by Endlings (courtesy of Raven Chacon @ravenchcn and John Dieterich); 'Definitions of Pink' by Los Subliminados (courtesy of Raven Chacon)

Filmed on the ancestral lands of the Tewa/Towa people on what is now known as Albuquerque, NM

All rights reserved, #STTLMNT 2020

This has been a production of Red Brigade Films

All work produced following New York City, NY Mandated Covid-19 guidelines

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