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Every school in Plymouth is being offered the opportunity to take part in the Plymouth 2020 Young People’s Compact legacy, including an exciting Compact event at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

The original Mayflower settlers built a set of rules to live by, called a Compact. It is widely believe to be the first document of self-government to exist in the USA.

By taking part in the Compact project, pupils will be able to reflect on what is important to them, as citizens of the 21st Century, and how they want to shape their lives; what is important to them and what they believe Plymouth should focus on across the next five years.

The Compact will underpin the work of City Youth Parliament and City Youth Council, whose voices have an opportunity to impact upon policy and practice across the City.

To help create the Schools Compact we are providing all schools with access to a number of focused sessions that will include: the examination of why communities create rules and a specific look at the Mayflower Compact and what it meant/why the settlers chose the points within it/ how it was agreed as well as the possible impact on the settlers and the indigenous people.

Pupils may compare and contrast the Compact with the 21st Century Human Rights of the Child and Modern British Values; looking at the impact of these in today’s society.

Pupils may be asked to reflect on sessions and formulate statements for the school electorate to vote on, in order to create their own Compact of nine statements. The process will involve preparing School Council members to engage in hustings to put forward their range of statements and for each pupil to vote on these.

Following the sessions, each school will bring their nine compact statements to the City Youth Council meeting on 19 March 19 2020, who will vote in the overall top nine statements for our City Schools 2020 Compact.

The Compact will be launched at an October 2020 event with representation from each participating school. The event will be Chaired and Vice Chaired by CYC and Plymouth Youth Parliament (PYP). It will include vignettes from schools and Youth Parliament about how the Compact has come to be.

A School Council/Committee member from each school will sign the compact that will be presented to the Leader of the Council and the Lord Mayor, in the presence of VIP guests, and, as noted above, will become the underpinning text for CYC and PYP across the next five years, who will apply it to their agenda and decision making to ensure the vision of the young people of the City is recognised.

The resources can be downloaded on this page using the links show. Schools can access and use these resources as they wish.

Schools wishing to participate in the democratic decision making process, and who would like to attend the Compact signing event should let us know by returning the form found in the download links by post or email.

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