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How to submit your image/s or videos

To submit your images or videos, please send them via email to this address.

For best results when sending an image, please make sure it is in a landscape format and should be at least 970 pixels wide by 550 pixels high.

By sending us images, video, audio or media files of any type, you confirm you have the permissions of those people featured or identifiable in those images to be able to use these photos for promotional/PR/marketing purposes.

Terms and conditions

Mayflower 400 Community Sparks is a partnership project between Mayflower 400, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth City Council, The Box and Vital Sparks. 

Event organisers will ensure any images or media provided or uploaded already have the relevant permissions/consent of anyone featured in the image or media.

If you need permissions forms, consent forms and public notices for your event, these are available from Fiona Evans or can be downloaded below. Any permissions or consent forms need to be returned to

Please mention in any publicity that your project or event is ‘Part of the Mayflower 400 Community Sparks - a partnership project between Mayflower 400, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth City Council, The Box and Vital Sparks.’

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