Red Brigade Films short documentary featuring Dylan McLaughlin

Dylan McLaughlin is a video artist working to foster creative processes that inform multi-media installation, interactive, and performative works.

McLaughlin is born of the Diné (Navajo) people. He received his BFA in New Media Art from the Institute of American Indian Arts and is pursuing an MFA in Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico.

His practice is rooted in place-based and land-responsive sound art, engaging through new media and performance the concepts that plants produce and detect frequencies for root growth and distress calls, and how human beings have disrupted this landscape communication with resonant infrastructure and deforestation.

Razelle Benally, 'STTLMNT' film series Director from Red Brigade Films, says: "The STTLMNT video series is not only a response to the current state of the world, but illuminates the proactive nature and resilience of the artists, bringing back a sense of unity in a time where social engagement is limited."

Directed/Produced by STTLMNT Artist Razelle Benally with Cinematographer/Assistant Adam Conte.

Executive Producer is Ginger Dunnill.

Music featured by Dylan McLaughlin.

Red Brigade Films short documentary series releases a new feature each week through the Winter Programme. Find out more here.

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