Narratives of Displacement

Created by Iraqi and Syrian women who have found refuge in Germany, the UK and Jordan in 2018, the pieces in this exhibition examine how refugee women negotiate their identities and senses of belonging through shaping social relations, challenging religious boundaries and facilitating community belonging and integration within their new diasporas.

The art was created in collaboration with University of Birmingham academic Dr Yafa Shanneik and internationally-renowned artist Dr Rachel Gadsden, who was assisted by Palestinian artist Amna Ali Hussein.

The exhibition is part of Shanneik’s research project, funded by the British Academy and Council for British Research in the Levant.

In a series of art workshops with the refugee women and families in 2018, Gadsden used the 'body mapping' technique, an artistic tool for creating life-sized images, that traces the contours of the individual's body.

Through the workshops, the women were able to counter gender-based narratives of fragility and vulnerability and develop narratives of strength, courage and empowerment.

This exhibition runs from until 21 March and is part of a six-month series titled 'Displaced Series' which explores displacement, identity and social perception.

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