The Special Relationship

The Special Relationship is a a light hearted and irreverent piece of theatre that looks at Britain’s relationship with the USA – from 1620 all the way through to now.

Performed by renowned comedy/clowning theatre company Le Navet Bête, it will take place at the Barbican Theatre between August and September 2020, it follows the hilarious attempts of four people trying to flee their past lives in the hope of finding a Special Relationship.

They are an an optimist, a pessimist, a realist and a small child (yet to become any of the aforementioned). They meet at an emigration depot to go on a journey. They each have a different reason to flee; one is religious, another a criminal, one an adventurer, one looking for a family, but all after a special relationship – with God, with the law, with money, with themselves!?

The Special Relationship traces their hilarious attempts to get away - getting caught up in war, revolt, exploitation…..

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