MayFlower 400: Faith and Freedom Conference

Hear the fascinating story of Pilgrim Father Edward Winslow and his connection to Worcester Cathedral.

The two-day MayFlower 400: Faith and Freedom Conference - held at the Cathedral and in The King's School theatre - will explore life and religion in the early 17th century both in England and in North America.

Winslow was born and raised in Droitwich Spa and educated at the King's School at Worcester Cathedral. He later travelled to Leiden and became one of the senior leaders of the Mayflower, going on to sign the historic Mayflower Compact.

The conference will include subjects such as religion and belief in Jacobean England, the Lost World of the Pilgrim, the Winslow Family, and the Pilgrim Fathers' encounters across the Atlantic.

Those attending will be able to immerse themselves in this period in history and learn about what led the Pilgrims to start a new life.

There will be eight talks with experts over the two days, and the agenda and pricing is being finalised.

You can book now via and more information is available by calling 01905 732900.

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