An Untold Story

Boston Heritage Centre is staging a day event and book launch chaired by historian and TV presenter Jonathan Foyle at Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre in Boston.

The day will feature two eminent American Speakers coming specially from the Partnership of the Historic Bostons in the USA, Barry Cotton and Eve LaPlant along with local historian Neil Wright.

Jonathan Foyle

Jonathan Foyle

They will be exploring the story of Lincolnshire men and women who helped to establish the USA we know today and how they influenced women's rights in the constitution.

The day will include the launch of the book 'Boston - The Small Town with a Big Story' featuring about 50 subjects from Boston's heritage.

The history of the Borough of Boston is rich and diverse but not well known. The Boston Heritage Forum wishes to change that, by using our history to promote Boston as a good place to live, work and visit.

This is a ticketed event, tickets must be bought in advance via this link

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