The Plymouth Brick Project


The Brick Project is a community activity that will turn a relatively unloved urban area in Plymouth into a public archive of thousands of mini-artworks created by local people.

The project has previously been created in Bristol, Macclesfield and a small rural village in Bulgaria, where communities joined together through fortnight painting sessions facilitated by Dan Petley.

The Plymouth version will start in spring 2020. It will be based at the steps at Glen Park Avenue leading up to Winston Avenue towards North Road East. This will be seen by thousands of people every week including many arriving to Plymouth by train.

Plymouth Brick Project

The Brick Project is a creative social cohesion activity, which will allow local people to feel a sense of shared investment in making an area better. Renovation of this space will be carried out by those who use it, offering a chance to share thoughts on living in an urban area together.

The Brick Project engages the entire community by inviting them to make a piece of work that is part of a bigger picture. Existing Brick Projects have never been defaced because they have given participants a sense of ownership. Everyone in the city will know someone else who has painted a brick at the steps - so no one will want to damage it.

I like to focus on sites that appear decayed, overgrown and unloved but are still used by a variety of people. By inviting those who pass through and inhabit areas to make a permanent painted piece they are encouraged to freely express themselves, improvising an image to inspire hope and commitment to the future of the community. This creates a permanent piece that will not only be considered an attraction but a source of pride for those who take part in its development. The finished piece will be covered with an anti graffiti epoxy coating that will last a minimum of 20 years.


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