Illuminate Gainsborough

Gainsborough will host its second Illuminate event to commemorate the area's historic Pilgrim Roots.

It will mark the heritage of the Separatists and Pilgrims, some of whom sailed on the Mayflower to America nearly 400 years ago, continuing the countdown to 2020’s anniversary.

A town centre lantern parade will take place at the stunning arts-led Illuminate heritage project, with the public invited to create their own lanterns with the chance to come and join the parade through the town centre.”

Workshops have also been taking place in schools with professional artists who specialise in willow art, lanterns and festivals. Training sessions for the leaders of uniformed groups are also planned, so that more people can take part in the making and parading. This year’s theme is ‘Pilgrim Children’.  

The event will begin for participants with registration at the United Reformed Church from 5.30pm on November 21 before a performance involving a new dance project ‘The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400’ at 6pm.

A lantern parade through town will follow from 6.30pm, gathering in the grounds of All Saints Parish Church on Wednesday 21st November.

The parade will stop at Gainsborough Old Hall, before moving to the Market Place and finally ending in Marshall’s Yard.

A combination of performances, music, lanterns and artist commissions will create an exciting event for this year's Illuminate in Gainsborough, which is also supported by Gainsborough Town Council.

As part of the national Mayflower 400 partnership, Illuminate events will be happening across the country during the third week of November, coinciding with Thanksgiving in America.  Places as far apart as Plymouth, Dartmouth, Southwark and Southampton will each stage Illuminate events.

Retford's parade will be on Tuesday 20 November, and Boston – also connected to the Pilgrims’ story – host their parade on Thursday 29 November. It is through partnership working with Transported in Boston alongside Arts Council England funding that this year’s parade has been made possible.


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